Episode 13: Ms. Jackson

On Part 2 of their series on reconciliation, Blake and Curt discuss the art of apology - mistakes made when apologizing and elements of a good mea culpa - and break down Kevin Hart's recent apology for some anti-LGTBQ tweets. They delve into Gary Chapman's 5 Languages of Apology, and round out the episode with a discussion on the importance and impact of apologizing in the home.


Episode 9: Love Yourz

Blake and Curt discuss what it means to be a strong partner to your spouse - how they formed their concept of marriage (21:28), the single most important step they made to be a strong partner (31:34) and challenges they face in supporting their spouses (40:26). The two unpack some eyebrow-raising statements on marriage from a religious leader (1:09), and Curt drops a bombshell of an update (10:29). 


Episode 8: I'll Whip Ya Head Boy

This week, Blake and Curt discuss spanking – how it emerged as a form of corrective behavior, their parenting philosophies regarding discipline, drawbacks and benefits of spanking, and alternate methods when responding to a child’s undesirable behaviors (starting at 20:43). After a weekend homecoming visit, Blake recounts stories from high school, where they paddled students (!) (begin at 11:15). Plus, the hosts debrief the mid-term election results – wins and losses, a new day in Florida for former felons, and the conspicuous absence of one marginalized group in the push for progress (0:59).


Episode 6: Knuck If You Buck

Blake and Curt revisit the Rajon Rondo vs. Chris Paul fight (3:11) as a part of a larger conversation on fighting and self-defense. The two discuss their philosophies on fighting and early childhood fights (starting 16:07), explore the history of fighting as a means of asserting self-worth (28:11) and challenge double standards when it comes to black expressions of anger (38:25), among other things.


Episode 5: Neighbors

Blake and Curt dissect the policing of existing while black in America - why is it happening so frequently, what underlying assumptions and biases are at play, and what it means for their future and their children (starts at 11:12). Also, the hosts discuss Drake's appearance on LeBron's HBO series "The Shop", betrayal and how to channel negative energy to create positive results (3:43). 


Episode 3: The Blacker The Berry

In this episode, Curt and Blake explore the beauty of blackness and the challenges and considerations in shaping their children’s Black identity. They recall the first time they realized they were Black (11:30) and discuss everything from the universal laws of growing up Black (25:24), beauty and blackness (38:55) and the nuances of raising bi-racial children (highlights at 36:55, 47:15, 55:34).