Curt Johnson

is, among other things, a father and husband, business strategist and professional Disney Channel viewer. After graduating from Wharton Business School, he relocated to LA, where he and his family currently live. A Philadelphia native, Curt places his Trust in The Process - both in hoops and in life.

Follow him on IG: @curtjohns0n


Blake J. Stanfill

is a father, friend, and servant. Professionally, Blake is a consultant and investor; while civically, Blake coaches youth sports & serves on various boards. A fifth generation New Orleanian, Blake resides in the Big Easy his wife and three sons. With aspirations to moonlight as a DJ/emcee/professor, Blake is notoriously known for curating detailed Spotify playlists, dropping embarrassing freestyle bars, and pontificating on topics he probably shouldn’t.

Follow him on IG: @shimmihendrix